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When you or a loved one has been injured in an accident — whether it was in a serious motor vehicle collision, the result of a preventable medical mistake, or due to police misconduct — you have the legal right to seek financial compensation for your losses. While a financial recovery will not turn back the hands of time or magically cure your injuries, it can help you in several other significant ways, including:


Paying for medical bills and tests


Covering lost wages and other income


Compensating for pain and suffering


Compensating for punitive damages


Paying for rehabilitation and long-term health costs


Covering funeral expenses if a loved one died


Compensating for loss of companionship

You and your family can benefit greatly from obtaining proven, professional legal counsel at one of the country’s top personal injury and civil rights law firms.

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Our Chicago personal injury attorneys have decades of experience winning at trial and negotiating maximum settlements for our clients. We have recovered millions of dollars on their behalf and we are fully invested in each individual case we take on.

We represent clients in cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay no legal fees unless we secure a favorable settlement on your behalf. We will independently investigate your claim and collaborate with experts in a variety of specialized fields to build the strongest case possible. We aren’t afraid to challenge insurance companies and fight for the injury compensation you deserve. At James D. Montgomery & Associates, Ltd., we are fully invested in your success.

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James D. Montgomery & Associates, Ltd., has never been afraid to take on controversial clients or cases.

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Many of our clients recommend our services to relatives and associates in need of sophisticated legal representation. We handle referral cases from other lawyers, and our firm’s resources are virtually unmatched.

Please email or call us today at 312-977-0200 to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our talented and compassionate attorneys. We represent clients throughout Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin and northwestern Indiana.

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