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Why should Illinois drivers hire an attorney after an auto accident?

Following an auto accident, those who are injured may consider obtaining legal representation to obtain compensation for their damages.

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 296,049 auto accidents across the state in 2014. Unfortunately, such collisions often result in serious injuries or death for the occupants of the vehicles that are involved. Depending on the circumstances, the motorists who cause crashes may be liable for the resulting damages, including lost wages and medical expenses. On their own, it may be difficult for people to obtain compensation for their injuries. Therefore, they may consider working with an attorney.

Dealing with insurance companies

Often, the first step for those who are injured in motor vehicle collisions is to deal with the at-fault drivers’ insurance companies. Generally, these companies work to pay out as little as possible. While they may be entitled to more than the insurance companies offer, fighting for fair compensation may seem daunting to the average person.

Attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies. They are not generally intimidated by them or their legal teams. Thus, legal representatives are able to effectively negotiate on behalf of their clients and help them get the compensation to which they are entitled.

Filing claims

There is more to car accident claims than just providing an accident report. People may also need to provide their medical records, witness statements and other documentation to prove their cases. Lawyers are familiar with what it takes to build a strong personal injury case. Therefore, they are able to help their client gather the documentation they need to bolster their cases.

Understanding of the laws and procedures

There are a number of laws and procedures that are applicable to personal injury cases. For instance, there are time limits that can bar people from taking legal action against the at-fault drivers. Under Illinois state law, people must file personal injury claims within two years of the date when the accident occurred. Having knowledge of the pertinent laws, attorneys are able to explain them to their clients. They are also able to help their clients understand any relevant exceptions to the laws.

Working toward recovery

The effects of injuries suffered in auto accidents may be devastating for people in Illinois, as well as for their families. They may find themselves facing mounting medical bills and wondering how they will cover their everyday expenses while they are off of work. This may make an already difficult time all the more challenging, and take their focus off of the task of recovering. An attorney may advocate on their behalf and help guide them through the legal process to obtain the compensation they need and deserve.