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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are afforded very little protection in the event of an accident. Even riders who wear helmets and proper safety gear are vulnerable to serious injury if struck by a speeding vehicle or if a component of the motorcycle itself fails while in use. Injured riders need a team of experienced accident lawyers to assert their rights and pursue compensation.

James D. Montgomery & Associates, Ltd., is a Chicago personal injury law firm with a reputation for success on behalf of victims of motorcycle accidents, car crashes and all other types of motor vehicle accidents. We have represented injured clients in and around Chicago for decades, providing them with the advocacy they need when facing insurance companies that deny their claims or pay less than they should.

Attorneys Who Overcome Misconceptions

In a personal injury lawsuit, motorcycle riders often face an uphill battle, especially if the case goes to trial. The reason is that people who do not ride bikes simply lack understanding of the dynamics involved in operating one. They tend to place blame on the rider, thinking he or she must have somehow caused the accident. Insurance company lawyers use this sentiment to their advantage, trying to persuade jurors that the rider was the one who caused the crash.

Because our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers have decades of experience handling these cases, including multiple trials, our firm knows these kinds of tactics well. We have the proven ability to show juries how a crash really unfolded and why our client deserves to be compensated. Over the years, we have secured millions of dollars for injured riders who suffered broken bones, head trauma, back injuries and other serious injuries. We also recovered $1 million for the family of a young rider who lost his life in a motorcycle crash.

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